Re: [Evolution] Problem with update

On Mon, 2011-09-19 at 22:05 -0700, Jeffrey Needle wrote:
I am running Linux Mint 9.0.  I've downloaded Evolution using the
Software Manager in Mint. It installs Evolution 2.30.3.  I want to
upgrade to 3.x, whatever is the latest stable release.

The Upgrade Manager doesn't upgrade Evolution, as I thought it might.
How can I upgrade my Evolution install so I have the latest stable
version?  I know I can download the tar files from the website, but I
don't have any idea what to do from there.

Evolution is a Gnome application and as such follows the Gnome version
numbers and is closely linked to specific Gnome releases.  Consequently
Evolution 3.0.x requires the Gnome 3.0 libraries.  To install Evo 3.0 on
a non 3.0 Gnome system requires you to compile versions of the 3.0
libraries for Evo to use.  To be honest, if you are unsure how to deal
with the Evo tar ball, then it may not be a good idea to venture into
the realms of compiling Gnome libraries.

Mint 9 is quite old now - you may be better of upgrading to Mint 11 -
but since that is based on Ubuntu 11.04 and consequently Gnome 2.32, you
will still only have Evo 2.32 - but at least that is just about
supported still.


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