Re: [Evolution] How to handle unsolicited e-mails with evolution 2.32.2 ?

I configured the server, not to do so - why else would I want local spam
detection ???

If the server has been setup to do spam detection, why on earth did you
disable it?

As mentioned before, I don´t need an initialized filter.

You *need* to train it - it's how it works - although I see from a later
message that what you mean is that you *have* already done that.

I´d be glad if it would work after being presented 100 spam by the
evolutuion-built-in classificator (that wadded paper thing) - but it
So the question is: How can I check, if bogofilter is learning at all ?

I don't use bogofilter - I've never looked at it before this - but it is
clear from the bogofilter FAQ on the bogofilter site at

that it is relatively easy to use bogoutil to report the state of the
database in terms of how much it's learned etc.  No doubt there is also
a way of poking a message through bogofilter itself to see if it does
indeed clasify something a spam outside of Evolution.


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