Re: [Evolution] Infinite loop in Evolution 3.2.1

On Mon, 2011-10-31 at 21:39 -0200, Lailah wrote:
I've installed Fedora 16 beta  (with Gnome3) in my netbook.  It has
Evolution 3.2.1.  Since Saturday I'm trying to use Evolution and I
can't.  It shows me the Wizard, I configure my account  (pop, gmail)
and that's all.  With a lot of luck, Evolution starts but fails when
try to receive new mails.  In fact, it explodes.  Next time I open the
app, Evolution shows me the Wizard again and all starts a new.
I'd never can use it or read email.

Somebody could give some sort of help or advise?  

please install debug info packages for gtkhtml3, evolution-data-server
and evolution, and then run evolution from a console, the best under
gdb, to see what failed. You can do something like this:
   $ gdb evolution --ex r --ex "t a a bt" --ex q
and then copy all text below the command to the end (the crash?) of the
console, and paste it in a bug report - it'll be better to deal with
this in a bug report, then on this list. Please make sure the text
you'll paste will not contain any private information, like passwords,
user names or server names which you would not like to share in public
(I usually search at least for "pass" in the text and check there is
none). Talking about Fedora, why didn't ABRT catch the evolution's
"explode"? Maybe explain what "fails" and "explode" means for you.

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