[Evolution] unsearching

I sent a test message to an exchange account that I access through IMAP.
The message is visible through the web interface,
but so far as I can tell, evolution hasn't found it yet.
Refresh does not seem to do the trick.
Before I discovered sort, I did a search.
The test message was not in the result, but should have been.
Having done the seach, I can't seem to get out of it.
All I can see of my Inbox is the search result.
Quitting and restarting does not help.
How do I see the rest of my messages?
Why can't I refresh?

One reason that I want to refresh is that exchange
plays game with images "to protect your privacy".
In a lot of cases,
leaving out the images makes it hard to look at, much less read.
On the web interface, I got them back in for a useful fraction.
Now I would like to acess them through evolution.
If I get it working, will a standard refresh take care of that?
If not, what do I need to do?
I expect that deleting and reinstalling folders would do the trick,
but I was hoping for something less drastic.

Is there a way to handle the image problem just through evolution?

In case I haven't proved it already, mail clients other than web interfaces are still rather new to me.

Michael   hennebry web cs ndsu NoDak edu
"Pessimist: The glass is half empty.
Optimist:   The glass is half full.
Engineer:   The glass is twice as big as it needs to be."

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