Re: [Evolution] unsearching

On Tue, 2011-11-01 at 13:50 -0500, Michael Hennebry wrote:
I sent a test message to an exchange account that I access through IMAP.
The message is visible through the web interface,
but so far as I can tell, evolution hasn't found it yet.
Refresh does not seem to do the trick.
Before I discovered sort, I did a search.
The test message was not in the result, but should have been.
Having done the seach, I can't seem to get out of it.
All I can see of my Inbox is the search result.
Quitting and restarting does not help.
How do I see the rest of my messages?

what is the evolution version, please? There is a similar bug report for
searches not being vanished properly when moving between folders, though
UI looks like not filter being applied. The workaround is to set a new
filtering by writing some text in the Search filed above the message
list, then erase it with the clear button on the right. That may
"return" back your messages.

Why can't I refresh?

No idea why the IMAP provider didn't notice new message, it's usually
enough to switch to another folder and then back, which is the time when
folders are updated (you can notice some activity on the status bar when
switching folders, the first is with storing folder content, the other
is with refreshing it).

One reason that I want to refresh is that exchange
plays game with images "to protect your privacy".
In a lot of cases,
leaving out the images makes it hard to look at, much less read.
On the web interface, I got them back in for a useful fraction.
Now I would like to acess them through evolution.
If I get it working, will a standard refresh take care of that?
If not, what do I need to do?
I expect that deleting and reinstalling folders would do the trick,
but I was hoping for something less drastic.

Is there a way to handle the image problem just through evolution?

I'm afraid if that's server-side "cleverness", then if it doesn't send
those images to a client, then there is nothing one can do. But, if the
images are not attached into the message, then try to change
Edit->Preferences->Mail Preferences->HTML Messages tab, Loading images
section, which is the place where you influence whether you want to see
remote images or not. The quick test is to select the message and press
View->Load Images (Ctrl+I), which forces load of them - supposing you
see HTML messages as HTML, not as plain text (usually monospaced, like
this message) - setup is below the one for Load Images.

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