Re: [Evolution] Up to date exchange-Server-Backend info requested

On Thu, 2011-01-20 at 10:17 -0800, N B Day wrote:
Evo 2.32.1 is the default in Ubuntu 11.04, which will have its second
alpha release late this month.  The OP could install this and have the

I don't understand this behavior on the part of Ubuntu.  I get, kind of,
that they wanted to ship with a more stable version of Evolution for
10.04 (Lucid) which was an LTS release, so they used 2.28 instead of
(the then-current) 2.30, although the rest of the Gnome desktop was 2.30
(and, IMO, 2.30 was a better/more stable version of Evo than 2.28).

But I can't see any reason to continue this trend!  Why did Ubuntu ship
Evolution 2.30 with 10.10 (Maverick), which used Gnome 2.32?  And why do
they intend (if this message is correct) to ship 2.32 with 11.04
(Natty), which will, as I understand it, use Gnome 3 as the base Gnome

I just don't get this continued backsliding on Evo alone.  If I wanted
to use old stuff I would run some other distro!

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