Re: [Evolution] Up to date exchange-Server-Backend info requested

* Although I use Ubuntu I don't think the packagers change anything. So
my version of Evolution 2.28.3 should be pretty stock.

And that's where you are wrong.  The current version of Evolution is
2.32.1.  Ubuntu, in it's infinite wisdom, decided not to package the
most recent version of Evolution and there are lots of improvements in
stability in the most recent versions.  It is unlikely you will get any
joy filing bugs against 2.28.x - bugfixes will be be against the most
recent version.

I know you don't think it right when people say "try something else",
but I have had a lot of success using DavMail as a gateway to our
Exchange server - this is nothing against Evo, but our Exchange setup
uses proxies and Evolution-MAPI can't cope with that.


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