Re: [Evolution] Search folders are very buggy

Am Montag, den 17.01.2011, 07:17 +0200 schrieb Jeremy Nell:
I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong, but I've tried everything.  I use
IMAP+, so I don't have any local mail.  I have set up a few search
folders, mostly to mimic the labels ("Later", "To Do", etc).  It gives
me an easy way to check my labelled mail. 

Well, my experience with version 2.28 is, that search folders don't
really work on special folders like INBOX or SENT. I also use IMAP, 
but I tag mails with labels on arrival and move them to local folders.
Then I use search folders with conditions on these local folders which
works well.

Well, some of the folders absolutely refuse to remove some messages, no
matter how many times I right-click on the email and select "none" (for

If I correctly remember some earlier comments regarding search folders
on this mailing list, it helps to click on the regular folders holding
mails in question and then back to the virtual search folder, so that
it gets updated.

Another folder simply goes blank when I edit or add more conditions.

That may be a consequence of your new search condition. You may set up a
filter with those same conditions, select the mails and hit Ctrl-Y to
start the filter, having checked the gconf
attribute /apps/evolution/mail/filters/log via gconf-editor. Then you
can see in the log file what your filter aka search condition is
actually doing!

See also the evolution FAQ at,
especially the entry "How I can update/refresh Search folders (formerly
called "vFolders")?"
Hope, that helps,

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