[Evolution] Freeze on restore.

I recently upgraded from Fedora 10 to 14 and have run into problems restoring my

1. Backup under evolution 2.24.5 -> evolution-backup.tar.gz in Fedora 10;

2. Restore under evolution 2.32.1 in Fedora 14 -> freeze.

To be more specific in step 2:

2a. The data directories were successfully restored (as far as I can
tell, i.e. no errors generated).

2b. Whether I let evolution automatically restart or start it by hand
makes no difference: the first run causes evolution and its window to freeze.

2c. If I completely remove my restored directories evolution opens

Details (gdb and valgrind output) were posted at:


Valgrind does find an illegal access at one point (time zone routine)
while gdb shows that code hangs later in accessing the
sqlite db.

I have not tried to compile from source (which appears to be the only way
to investigate the valgrind problem [relevant variables all
optimized out in the problematic code]).

I am looking for any suggestions as to how I might proceed.


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