Re: [Evolution] learning to compile, need help with finding dependecies in Ubuntu 10.04

Am Freitag, den 14.01.2011, 18:48 +1300 schrieb Victoria Spagnolo:
Thanks to Thomas Mittelstaedt I have made progress. I have other
errors but I want to get all the dependencies first. I've solved a
handful using Ubuntu repos, but Ubuntu maverick has earlier versions
of these 
configure: error: Package requirements (libebook-1.2 >= 2.32.2
     libecal-1.2 >= 2.32.2
     libedataserver-1.2 >= 2.32.2
     libedataserverui-1.2 >= 2.32.2
     libegroupwise-1.2 >= 2.32.2
     libebackend-1.2 >= 2.32.2) were not met:
Where do I find suitable ones for Ubuntu? (any tips for a beginner welcome)

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What are you trying to do? On which system are you and what version of
evolution are you trying to build?

Remember having responded to you last November:

It states there that you can do a
sudo apt-get build-dep evolution to get the needed build dependencies
for evolution installed.


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