Re: [Evolution] Filtering

That's a real shame, as Using POP3 I hold about 1.5 GB of mail, which if
I filter on relative age I stop the mail file expanding to much by
either deleting or moving to an archive.

So if it's POP then all the mail you are interested in is on your local
machine - i.e. your mail is in the INBOX in "On This Computer"

I've got the filtering of incoming mail sorted, the filtering has really
improve since the last time I looked at Evo. But If at sometime in the
future a plugin to allow automatic filtering of existing read mail it
would be a nice feature.

One option is to look at Search Folders - setup two search folders of
"Received date" "is before" "2 weeks ago" and "is after" "2 weeks ago".
That way all your most recent mail is in one folder and the older stuff
is in another folder. If you want to archive your older stuff just
highlight everything in the older folder and move the messages to a
different (real) folder.

Remember that search folders are virtual - they don't exist in reality
and all your mail is still in your Inbox until it is moved elsewhere -
the search folders are just a window onto a subset of the mail.


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