[Evolution] tomboy and evolution

Can someone explain this:

I've been using Tomboy with my openSUSE install and enjoying it. After I
installed Ubuntu 10.04, I would get an error message on startup, to the
effect that Tomboy couldn't be opened or found (I've forgotten the exact
message). So I went to Synaptic Pacakage Manager and told it to
re-install Tomboy.

Now the stranger thing: When I try to open Tomboy now, it seems to have
embedded itself into Evolution as the Evolution memos applet rather than
to be functioning as a separate applet.

This might work OK--I'd need to try it for a while. But the problem is,
Tomboy isn't picking up any of my old (pre-Ubuntu installation) notes.
Where would those be stored and how would I link Tomboy back with them?

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