Re: [Evolution] tomboy and evolution


I've been using both Evolution and Tomboy for a long time on various
versions of Ubuntu and never seen this behaviour.

Now the stranger thing: When I try to open Tomboy now, it seems to have
embedded itself into Evolution as the Evolution memos applet rather than
to be functioning as a separate applet.

This might work OK--I'd need to try it for a while. But the problem is,
Tomboy isn't picking up any of my old (pre-Ubuntu installation) notes.
Where would those be stored and how would I link Tomboy back with them?

Are you sure that the applet you installed in the panel is really
Tomboy? Did you try to start Tomboy from a terminal? The only
integration between Evolution and Tomboy I am aware of is that you can
drag and drop emails in Tomboy notes, but I may be wrong. Try asking
on the Tomboy list.



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