Re: [Evolution] Changing the location of RSS folder

On Fri, 2011-01-07 at 09:35 +0200, Jeremy Nell wrote:
I've installed the RSS plugin from the Ubuntu Software Centre, and
have got it working, but I'm not happy with the "News and Blogs"
folder location and would like to move it.
Currently, "News and Blogs" is located under the "On This Computer"
tree.  I'd prefer for "News and Blogs" to be INSIDE another tree, but
rather sit on the top level.  If not on the top level, then at least
inside one of my other folders on the top level.

But it is "On This Computer".  It seems like it appearing in one of my
IMAP accounts doesn't make much sense.

Appear as a top-level would make sense though.

Not just that, "News and Blogs" has almost no formatting options, so
all feeds are added to the same location, meaning that I am unable to
sort them into sub-folders ("comics", "science", etc) and so on.
This seems a bit primitive.  

The RSS modules hasn't gotten much play till lately [it will be included
in openSUSE 11.4!] but I've used it for a long time.

I'm convinced there is a way to do the above.  Is there?

Submit a patch. :)

Given how I've been able to make Evolution a portal to almost all my
data [awesome!] I know I'd love to see this plugin/feature enhanced.
Maybe we create a pool to post a bounty for the developer of this

[ Man, I'd love it if plugins could be developed in something other than
crappy old C;
<> had me sooo excited. I've not 
seen anything since then. :( ]

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