Re: [Evolution] Changing the location of RSS folder

        I've installed the RSS plugin from the Ubuntu Software Centre,
        and have got it working, but I'm not happy with the "News and
        Blogs" folder location and would like to move it.
        Currently, "News and Blogs" is located under the "On This
        Computer" tree.  I'd prefer for "News and Blogs" to be INSIDE
        another tree, but rather sit on the top level.  If not on the
        top level, then at least inside one of my other folders on the
        top level.
        Not just that, "News and Blogs" has almost no formatting
        options, so all feeds are added to the same location, meaning
        that I am unable to sort them into sub-folders ("comics",
        "science", etc) and so on.
        This seems a bit primitive.  I'm convinced there is a way to do
        the above.  Is there?
Just to add to my previous message, Google Reader is a good example of
what I mean.  The sidebar has multiple tree structure options.  You can
easily categorise your feeds via folders and sub-folders.

Yet, in Evo, using the RSS plugin (from the Software Centre), a single
sub-folder is inserted into "On This Computer" and is un-editable.  So,
all feeds are lumped into it, which is clumsy and primitive

Is there a way I can create a top-level tree (called "RSS Feeds", for

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