Re: [Evolution] IMAP problems with Sent and Trash (Pete Biggs)

        As others have said, don't bother putting the sent folder on
        Gmail -
        Gmail automatically stores any sent mail, so you will be storing
        twice.  You'll find the automatically stored stuff in '[Google
        Mail]/Sent Mail' (well that's where it is on mine).

Understood.  However, if I don't, then Evo will store my sent mail under
"On this Computer".  I don't want to have to navigate between "On This
Computer" and "Gmail".  I have collapsed "On This Computer" and don't
intend on expanding it, since I am working exclusively through "Gmail".
It's neater and less clumsy.

That said, no matter what I do, Evolution doesn't show ANY messages in
my Sent folder under "Gmail", yet shows draft messages under the same
tree.  Why is this happening?

        Because Gmail considers deleted mail to be mail you really,
        really don't
        want and empties the "Trash" folder almost immediately. Remember
        the Gmail paradigm is that you never delete anything, you use
        labels to
        mark things you want filed away somewhere.  Yes, it breaks
        numerous imap
        standards; no, Google don't care, it's Google, they know best.

I don't buy that.  if I delete mail in Gmail, through the browser, it
stays in the Bin for a month.  And if I log onto Gmail (via the
browser), I can access the deleted mail.  Yet, Evo's Trash folder under
"Gmail" stores the mail for a few seconds before clearing the folder.
It doesn't make sense.  

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