Re: [Evolution] IMAP problems with Sent and Trash

I took your advice and collapsed the "On This Computer" tab and set up
"Gmail" as  IMAP+.  I then changed the defaults to Drafts >
Gmail/drafts and Sent > Gmail/sent (otherwise my Sent items will end
up "On This Computer" in Evolution).

The Drafts folder is great.  If I save a draft, then it gets saved
there (as well as in my Gmail account, online).  However, the Sent
folder is empty and won't seem to populate.  How do I fix this?

As others have said, don't bother putting the sent folder on Gmail -
Gmail automatically stores any sent mail, so you will be storing it
twice.  You'll find the automatically stored stuff in '[Google
Mail]/Sent Mail' (well that's where it is on mine).

Also, the default Trash folder that appears under the Gmail tab (not
the one that falls under the Google Mail tree) seems to archive the
deleted mail, but then, after a few seconds, those emails vanish.

Because Gmail considers deleted mail to be mail you really, really don't
want and empties the "Trash" folder almost immediately. Remember that
the Gmail paradigm is that you never delete anything, you use labels to
mark things you want filed away somewhere.  Yes, it breaks numerous imap
standards; no, Google don't care, it's Google, they know best.


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