Re: [Evolution] Been around the block again...

On Tue, 2011-01-04 at 12:31 -0500, Philippe LeCavalier wrote:
Well, once again I've test driven all the other viable
Linux/cross-platform MUAs out there and have returned to Evo. I do
this to myself every few years because something was either
frustrating me to no end or I felt I was lacking functionality in some
This time around, it was both...I was frustrated to no end with the
fact that every time I loose the connection to my IMAP folders Evo
proceeds to unsubscribe me to most if not all my folders but the

No way, it isn't Evolution doing that.  IMAP subscriptions are
server-side.  Evolution would have to specifically request
unsubscription for each folder.

 One would think that's easily recoverable...Yes. Until you open the
mote than 50 filters you have an realize the auto-update feature
yanked the proverbial carpet out from under its own feet! 

Are you talking about subscriptions or filters?

Case in point: I just created a search folder for archiving all my
2009 mail and am writing this msg while Evo searches - I do this every
year. I create a search folder for the previous years and copy the
folder out of ~/.evo. Well, for whatever reason for every folder the
function parses Evo unsubscribes me from that folder

Do you mean you are manually editing the contents of the .evolution
folder? If so, don't.

As far as lacking in functionality goes, I really enjoyed how granular
Claws-Mails' msg filter settings were. Also from CM the ability to pre
and post process messages is a thing of beauty. From TB, and I know
this has been mentioned many times hear but...the separation of the
SMTP settings in the accounts is a really strong feature. I realize
one can create an SMTP account but it's much "cleaner" to have a SMTP
section in the config for just that.

That is essentially what an SMTP-only account is.  When you reply from
folders in a given account it will default to the SMTP configuration for
that account.

The other thing I noticed this time around as opposed to the others is
just how well balanced Evo really is. It goes without saying there's a
reason why I keep landing back on Evo as my MUA every time I do this.
One might say I'm landing back on my feet! So thanks to all the
community for contributing and the devs for maintaining this project.

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