Re: [Evolution] Syncing Evolution to my malboxes ...

Am Dienstag, den 04.01.2011, 19:21 +0200 schrieb Jeremy Nell:
I'm definitely using IMAP.
if I could collapse that tab and have all my mail sitting in my "On
This Computer" tab, then I'd be happy.  

IMAP is remote. "On This Computer" is local.

How do I copy the mail from my Gmail inbox to my main inbox?  Which
filters?  (I've had a look and can't figure it out.)

I do not recommend this as I still see no good reason provided.
However, it's "Edit > Message Filters > Add" in combination with "Edit >
Preferences > Mail Accounts > GMail > Edit > Receiving Options > Apply
filters on new messages in Inbox".

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