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I'm definitely using IMAP.  I'd just like to neaten up my interface, really.  Have all my mail in one place (and then collapse the Gmail tab).  Currently, I have around 60 Gmail labels, which end up as a lot of folders under my Gmail tab; if I could collapse that tab and have all my mail sitting in my "On This Computer" tab, then I'd be happy.  Plus, I'd also be able to view my search folders (which are, currently, underneath the onslaught of Gmail labels (folders), and require a lot of scrolling.

How do I copy the mail from my Gmail inbox to my main inbox?  Which filters?  (I've had a look and can't figure it out.)

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POP accounts leave their mail under "On This Computer". IMAP accounts
have separate trees. If you want to use IMAP, that's what you're going
to get by default. Of course you could set up filters to move everything
into "On This Computer", or (perhaps easier) use a search folder that
covers the accounts you want.

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