Re: [Evolution] Evolution, scanning folders, bandwidth

On Tue, 2011-01-04 at 15:54 +0200, Jeremy Nell wrote:
Does Evolution use a lot of bandwidth?


  My ISP told me that I've used around 8.5GB in 4 days.  I've done
nothing unusual, so he wondered if it is Evolution trying to download
my emails from Gmail.

I operate my own Cyrus-IMAP server on a Linode [a VPS service] and use
Evolution for both mail and CalDAV with that server [CalDAV provided by
OpenGroupware Coils].  Evolution is running almost 24/7 and I use it
constantly for ~50 hours a week.  I don't even come close to that amount
of traffic.

I've currently got Evolution set up to use IMAP.  Do options like
"synchronise remote folders locally" use a lot of bandwidth?

It will cause a surge in traffic for initial synchronization -
essentially like POPing the entire folder.

Another thing I noticed is that Evolution is constantly "scanning for
changed information... (0% complete" and so on.  Is that normal?

Something is screwed up [maybe because gmail provides crappy IMAP

Are you using server type "IMAP" or "IMAP+"? [Use IMAP+]

Do you perhaps have check-for-new-messages-in-all-folders enabled?
[Disable it]

Is "Use IDLE if server supports it" checked? [Enable it - assuming gmail
supports it]

What other things should I check to ensure that Evolution is not
eating up my bandwidth?

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