Re: [Evolution] evolution zimbra connector - Caldav

On Fri, 2011-02-25 at 12:26 +0100, ML wrote:
Did you do this?  - i.e. set CALDAV_DEBUG and run Evo from a

yes, here is the output I got:

user host:/usr/lib/evolution$ ./e-calendar-factory 
(e-calendar-factory:8202): e-cal-backend-caldav-WARNING **: Server did
not response with 207, but with code 4 (Cannot connect to destination)

could you try this command and then run evolution, please?

  $ gdb ./e-calendar-factory --ex "b caldav_server_list_objects" \
       --ex "r" --ex n --ex n --ex n --ex "p priv->uri" \
       --ex "d br 1" --ex c

If I wrote it right then it should show you the actual URL it is trying
to use when connecting to the server. I though the libsoup will print
you it anyway, when having CALDAV_DEBUG=all exported, but it seems it
doesn't do that for cases where the server is unreachable.

You mentioned firewall, what about proxy? (I know, On The Web works, but
anyway.) Edit->Preferences->Network preferences, is there set "Direct

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