Re: [Evolution] evolution zimbra connector - Caldav

Please don't top post - it makes things difficult.

On Fri, 2011-02-25 at 10:37 +0100, ML wrote:
Hi and thanks for your reply,

I followed your instructions as follows:

URL: caldav://$server/dav/$username domain/Calendar
Use SSL: flagged
Username: $username domain

Do you have multiple domains on your Zimbra server?  All of my configs
don't have the @domain part.

I check the calendar in the left pane in evolution calendar view, but
when I try to create an event evolution gives me this error:"Cannot
create calendar object".

Can you see entries created using the Zimbra web client?  (That at least
will show if you have the correct URL for the calendar)

I suggest to delete
your old CalDAV zimbra calendar and reconfigure a new one, using SSL. If
it'll still "not work", then please specify what "does not work" means,
like any error messages either from evolution's UI or from the console
(run e-calendar-factory and evolution from console to see what is
happening, and the e-calendar-factory also with CALDAV_DEBUG=all set, to
see the communication between client and the server).

Did you do this?  - i.e. set CALDAV_DEBUG and run Evo from a terminal?


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