[Evolution] Evolution triggering program

Hopefully someone can help me out with a new evolution problem. I want a
certain key word in a subject of a received email to kick off a certain
program. Evolution seemed to have exactly this option in message
filters. But it doesn't seem to work as it should for me.

I did a little test by first making a simply pop-up script called
TESTER. I tested this via terminal and it runs fine. I then added the
evolution filter:

if subject contains TESTER:
change colour to blue
Run Program ~/bins/TESTER.

Now if I send myself an email with the subject TESTER the colour does
indeed change but there is no pop up. If I select the email and hammer
ctrl+y (to reapply filters) loads of times it will eventually. But
clearly this is not right. 

I also tried replacing the pop-up script with gedit or simple logging
scripts but every time there only seems to be a small chance the program
will run.

I am using Evolution 2.32.1 on 64bit ubuntu 10.10. 

If I run evolution from the terminal there are no errors. 

Has anyone any ideas what could be wrong? 

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