Re: [Evolution] Meeting reminders do not work with exchange

On Wed, 2011-02-09 at 09:00 -0500, OSU Linux wrote:
Something is still not quite right here. For some reason after every
reboot I have to go into the calendar click on properties and toggle
the "Mark as default calendar" option in order to reminders to pop
up. Doesn't matter what the setting is, just that it has to be

I've not much idea here. On the first look it sounds like some issue
with the GConf key where is stored the default calendar (or some bug in
exchange code), but thinking of it I do not believe the default calendar
makes the difference as such, it might be just a side-effect of such
change (I guess that the evolution-alarm-notify failed to open the
exchange calendar, then it was opened in Evolution itself properly, and
a change on the exchange source made alarm notify reload the calendar,
which succeeded finally and gave you notifications).

I would start with a bug and commit I mentioned earlier in this thread.
If you do not have it, then maybe they will help.

P.S.: Please do not top-post on this list.

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