[Evolution] External Expunge Command?

Does anyone know how to make evolution automatically expunge.

Currently to delete my emails from my imap server I have to select the
account, right-click on "Deleted Items" and select "Empty deleted
items". This works a treat but I have a lot of email traffic with
attachments and very little storage at work hence I have to click to
empty every 5 minutes. 

I know evolution can do this automatically on evolution shutdown.
However shutting down evolution and reopening it every 5 minutes is not
exactly elegant. Plus when evolution reopens it will pop up in the
current workspace over whatever I am currently doing.

Normally I always have evolution running on one desktop (for filtering).
Hence a potential solution is to either set a cronjob or run a
background script like the following:

while true; do 
        [Equivalent command to right-clicking "Empty deleted items"]    
        sleep 150; 

So does anyone have any idea what this equivalent command is. Or
alternatively know another way to make evolution expunge every 2 minutes
or so.

Thanks for any help.

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