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        Birthdays takes dates from contacts data in your addressbook.  In screenshot 3 you can see that the birthday is saved in the Personal Calendar.  Difference between them is that Personal Calendar is editable and Birthdays & Anniversaries is an only read calendar.  You can't add anything to it.
Aside this, you have check the "Alarms in notification area only" box.  It means that it will not show any other alarm or notification but this, no matter what calendar is.

Hope that helps

El sáb, 10-12-2011 a las 20:55 -0500, Bill Lowther escribió:
[Originally written 12/6/2011]---------------
Thank you for your response.  Attached are 3 screen shots showing what I
have in the "preferences" for Evolution/Calendar.  And I have all
birthdays and anniversaries shown in the Personal calendar as well as in
the Birthday & Anniversary calendars.  
As you can see in screenshot 1, there are birthdays for tomorrow (12/7)
and Sunday (12/11), but I have not received any
In screenshot 2 and 3, you can see a reference to "appointment", but no
option for selecting birthday or anniversary.  I tried using
"appointments" as birthdays, but still did not get any reminders, et al.
Also, I have noticed that after I right click and "open" on a birthday,
then make selections for "all day" and "recurrence", then "save", then
"open" again, my previous selections are not always saved.

Hope you can help,
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