Re: [Evolution] help with English "top post msg"

On Thu, 2010-09-02 at 15:53 +0900, nomnex wrote:
What would be correct way to explain in a top post msg. "Find my answer
in the message below"? I have seen the correct sentence quoted in few
msg. on the list, about email-list etiquette, but unfortunately I
haven't save the msg. for reference. 

What's the point? Quite frankly, if the recipients are *so* clueless
that they can't manage to find your reply inline in the message where it
belongs, do you really have any hope that they'll actually be able to
read and understand your reply anyway?

I think it's best not to do this. If you're really concerned about the
intelligence of the recipient, just try to keep your first citation nice
and short, so that your first reply is clearly visible.

If you *do* put something at the top, beware that some people may just
discard your email without reading it at all. I receive a *lot* of
email, and *most* of the top-posted crap is, well, crap. The people who
top-post *tend* to be the same people who can't be bothered to trim
their citations, post HTML, and can't manage to string a coherent
sentence together. So often if I receive a top-posted email, I don't
bother to read it AT ALL.

I also think it's counter-productive for the people you're trying to
"help" -- you're still training them to look in the wrong place, and
when they receive emails *without* that hint; they may still not do the
right thing. It's better for them just to get used to how proper email
works, surely?

If you feel you *must* put a prefix in to molly-coddle the idiots, try
something like this:

ËuÊop-ÇpÄsdn sÄÉÊ ÆuÄpÉÇÉ Çq oÊ ÉÇÇs noâ


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