Re: [Evolution] Can't save pictures; Can't forward pictures

On Wed, 2010-11-24 at 05:45 -0500, timothy covell wrote:
FYI: I did a <CTRL>-U and found that the images were indeed 
local to the HTML file (which the up/down-load times had told
me already.  

I have looked into this in the past and found that GtkHtml does not make
embedded image data readily available to save, and I have no interest in
fixing GtkHtml at this point.  The alternative is to dig up the image
data from the raw MIME message structure, but that's a whole different
kind of pain and shouldn't be necessary.

I'm aware of this issue, and unless someone steps up sooner I plan to
address it after Evolution has ditched GtkHtml for WebKit/GTK+, which
will hopefully happen some time next year (finally).

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