Re: [Evolution] Message Filter vs. Search Folders - Open Discussion

On Wed, 2010-11-03 at 19:16 +0000, Steve T wrote:
I am running evolution 2.28.3 under FC12 and I have always used search folders since FC6. The only problems that I have (which seem to change slightly when the database back end was introduced) is that with large sets of criteria on a single folder, the search folders can be slow (both in the initial start-up of evolution and then switching between those folders).
I have a search folder that probably has 90 criteria (individual site email addresses - ie sender contains @blah..... and recipients contains @blah....) and that takes what seems like an age to load (60 seconds for 475 messages). I also find under this release that the search folder message counts are not updated - ie if a mail exists in 4 search folders (ie it fulfills 4 sets of different criterai - maybe 'last 24 hours', 'family'...etc), and you read it in one of them, the others still show as unread on the folder (ie the folder is still 'boldened' and the count of unread is wrong (although the message in the folder is marked as read ok). That is apparently a known issue in this release.
Very interesting. So you can continue your filtration by creating sub search-folders?

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