Re: [Evolution] 2.92.91 imap-idle

On Tue, 2010-03-16 at 16:38 +0100, randall wrote:
hi all,

not sure if i'm on the correct list here or if there's a seperate one
for the devs,

anyways.. im interested in the improved IMAP support

iâm running 2.29.91 on Ubuntu 10.04 beta from ppa at

till so far it seams to work nicely (no crashes) in my daily usage and
iâm testing it to see if i can use it as a Thunderbird alternative.

iâm using it as an imap client to a zimbra server so the IMAP-IDLE
functionality is what i am looking for.

imap-idle seems to work, sort off, i donât have to press the send
receive button but i still need to refresh the inbox folder by selecting
another folder and then select my inbox again.

Or you could enable the periodic check in
Preferences-><account>->Receiving Options.


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