Re: [Evolution] mail client application

the larger issue is that he keeps replying to digests.

If you want to get rid of the digest option, and switch everyone to be
regular subscribers, that's fine by me, I read the digests at the
moment, but it's not really much effort to adapt to such a change.

If you can't get rid of the digest option, perhaps an alternative is to
add a server-side filter which returns-to-sender any emails posted to
the list which either:
a) have an email subject that contains "evolution-list Digest".
b) have an email body that contains more than (say) 60 lines that start
with "> ".

That will force people to modify the subject line, and also force people
to stop excessively verbose quoting and think more about
contextually-relevant quoting.

And if the above was going to happen, it would also make sense to
simultaneously add a server-side filter/blocker/auto-responder if the
email subject was "unsubscribe", or the first word of the email body was
"unsubscribe", with an emailed reply with a link explaining in
step-by-step form what you need to do to unsubscribe.

Same thing could be applied to HTML formatted emails, so as to ensure
plain text emails.

-- All the best,

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