Re: [Evolution] mail client application]

There was Anjal, but that project is already abandoned in favor of
Evolution Express (coming soon in 3.0).

I had not heard of Evolution Express before. For anyone else in a
similar situation, here's some info with some screenshots if you scroll
down a bit:

There's some nice stuff in those screenshots, some of which could be
just as beneficial if included in the standard Evo shell. For example,
some of the following ideas look good:
* Trend towards getting rid of the status bar in component screens where
it's not useful, so as to maximise screen space. Presumably this could
be extended further to have temporary messages appear for current
operations, such as what Chrome does when you mouse-over a link, and
then the status bar may not be needed at all.
* A set-up wizard for popular email providers (gmail, yahoo, etc), that
already knows their server types, addresses, and encryption settings -
saving many users from having to know this stuff.
* Getting rid of the "cancel" button from the mailer toolbar (personally
I've never once used this toolbar button, and it can be done anyway
using the "cancel" button after the current operation message). This
would also solve and .
* Having tabs instead of separate pop-up dialogs in the appointment
editor, for recurrence / free busy / Alarm.
* Moving the search box up a little into the main toolbar, perhaps
allowing the area it's in at the moment to be removed to increase
vertical screen space for the list of messages.

How do other users of Evo feel about the above items for the standard
interface? I could not easily find pre-existing enhancement requests in
bugzilla that covered these things.

-- All the best,

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