Re: [Evolution] Google calendar issue...

Hi Eric,

On Thu, 2010-07-29 at 09:44 -0500, Eric Lorenz wrote:
Good morning:

I am not sure if this is an Evolution issue or not...but I thought I'd  start here-

I am a new Evolution user (v. 2.28.3, came from Thunderbird) on Ubuntu 10.04. It has been working great, and I love the integration with GNOME/Ubuntu. I have my calendars pulling from Google (mine, my wife's and my daughter's) and all has been well...until yesterday. All of the sudden, even though I have my calendar checked in the list, my data does not show up. I have double checked the calendar settings, and all seems correct, and the calendar data is there when I log into my Google page, but it won't show in Evo. My wife's and Daughter's is fine. IMPA Mail from Google and all else is good.

Where else can I look? Thanks for the help!


I've experienced similar issues with Evo and Google Calendar. Never really got to the bottom of any of them and have since moved on. Google warns that using mail clients that are not on the list will likely not work. I didn't believe it either but just like you everything was fine for a month or two and then not. I've since stopped using Google with Evo. I've opted to send meeting requests back and forth between clients/family which has been working really well so far-about two months now.


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