[Evolution] copying contacts from google to the local contact list

Hello everybody

         I'm not a member of this list, so please forgive me if this is
not the right procedure.  I have a problem using Evolution 2.28.3  on my
Ubuntu 10.04 netbook.  When I tryto pick 5 or 10 contacts from the
google list and copy them over to my local addressbook, Evolution data
server freezes and nothing happens. I check and no contacts have been
copied.  I tried copying one contact at a time, and also a few at a
time, and no change.  

I go to the desktop system monitor, and see that the cpu is at 100%.  I
go to processes tab, I kill the Evo data server, then the cpu is back to
normal.  I didn't use Evolution as my PIM before but I want to use it
now, I have been investing time reading the users guide and tranfering
my old memos and tasks.  Now I want to populate my local calendar and
addressbook with my google stuff.  Can somebody tell me if this is a bug
or not?

Here are some helpful details :  Acer netbook, Ubuntu Netbook Remix
10.04 , Evolution 2.28.3 ,  2 gig ram, 3 gig swap, 70 gig free space on
HDisk, and I check updates every day.  Will I get an email answer ? or
do I have to join to see an answer ?

I thank you in advance  
Eddie Colon
Bayamon, Puerto Rico  00959

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