Re: [Evolution] Documentation on SQL storage/import/convertiontools?

Le mardi 20 juillet 2010 Ã 12:14 -0430, Patrick O'Callaghan a Ãcrit :

I'm almost certain you can also delete the .cmeta and .index.* files and
Evo will rebuild them. 

I went step by step.
For these three cases, just removing the .index.* didn't change

I then the removed the .cmeta files, and the next time I re-started Evo
and clicked on the corresponding folder, I got my list of messages back.

In case it might help explaining why the removal of the .cmeta file was
necessary, here is the content of one of these files.

lution:search_stateï<?xml version="1.0"?>
<state><search-bar text="" item_id="0" searchscope="-7"

Thanks for your help,

Bruno PIGUET <bruno piguet meteo fr>

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