Re: [Evolution] Documentation on SQL storage/import/convertiontools ?

Are they really empty or do you mean they just don't show up in Evo?

    They don't show up in Evo. The files were there, but I was mislead
by the message "converting to SQL format" : I thought there was one
large database somewhere ... which I didn't find.

Check ~/.evolution to see if the folder data is there. You may need to
just shutdown Evo, delete the index files and restart Evo.

   That's just what needs to be done.
   Here's what I did :
  - stop Evo.
  - rm -f
~/.evolution/mail/local/*.index /.evolution/mail/local/*/*.index 
   -re-start Evo  .

And I could access my messages.


Bruno PIGUET <bruno piguet meteo fr>

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