[Evolution] Documentation on SQL storage/import/convertion tools ?

Dear all,

    I recently updated an old evolution to version 2.30.2.

    When I first launched the new version, it began to convert the old
directory+mbox storage to the new SQLlite format.

   At the end of the process, it did not show the GUI window, so I
suppose it crashed.
  So, I re-started it, and I found my all foder/subfolder tree ... but
they are empty.
  Evreything else is OK (contact list, calendar, ..)
  It started fetching new mails from the POP server correctly, applying
filters as desired. ...

   Could you point me to any documentation relevant to this case ?
   How can I find if the old messages are here, but not shown, or are
lost ?
   Should-I try to replace the ~/.evolution directory by its backup, and
start the convertion again ? is there anay chance that it works better
on the second try ?
   Are there any tools to do get more informations on what happened ? or
tools to do partials, offline and hopefully robust imports ?



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