Re: [Evolution] Reply for list messages should go back to the list

Claws Mail has an interesting approach to this problem.  They define
dedicated "Reply to Sender" and "Reply to List" actions in their menus,
but also a generic "Reply" action whose behavior for a mailing list post
is determined by a user preference:

   [ ] Reply button invokes mailing list reply

I would probably reword the label, but same idea.  How does that sound?
I don't suggest new preferences lightly, but I'd rather keep toolbar and
menu changes to a minimum here.

So my proposal is:

  Reply            (Ctrl+R)       : Replies to sender on private emails,
                                    configurable for mailing list posts.

  Reply to Sender                 : Works like Reply currently does, or
                                    maybe overrides Reply-To munging?

  Reply to List    (Ctrl+L)       : No change.

  Reply to All     (Shift+Ctrl+R) : For mailing list posts, put list
                                    address in To:, sender in Cc:

Then we can debate an appropriate default for the preference.

I like this version best - i.e. the default "unthinking" action is to do
the right thing, but gives the opportunity for people to customise it
with the minimum of fuss - could I ask that the default on a clean
install is for reply to be sent to the list, i.e. the option turned on.


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