Re: [Evolution] CalDAV error msg

On Sat, 2010-02-20 at 08:26 -0500, Philippe LeCavalier wrote:
On Fri, 2010-02-19 at 11:00 +0100, Milan Crha wrote: 
On Thu, 2010-02-18 at 19:47 -0500, Philippe LeCavalier wrote:
I would have gladly provided log entries or something else but since I
just started playing around with CalDAV I don't know where to look for
said logs.
please run evolution-data-server-2.28 like this:
  $ CALDAV_DEBUG=all /usr/libexec/evolution-data-server-2.28
(maybe your path to it is different), and then on another console
evolution itself. Any communication with your CalDAV server will be
shown on the evolution-data-server console, hopefully with a detailed
error returned from the server from time of the event creation. Be sure
you'll evolution --force-shutdown before doing above, as only one
evolution-data-server can be running in a system.
I do not know Insight requirements for CalDAV/calendar, but cannot it
be, for example, that it requires an organizer, which Evolution uses for
meetings only? Just a guess.
T /insight/rpc.php/plecavalier/20100219T164212Z-16763-1000-15761-2_plc-20100219T164246Z.ics HTTP/1.1
User-Agent: Evolution/2.28.2
Authorization: Basic [plecavalier:********]
< HTTP/1.1 200 OK
< Soup-Debug-Timestamp: 1266597769
< Soup-Debug: SoupMessage 11 (0x8e45c80)
< Date: Fri, 19 Feb 2010 16:44:53 GMT
< Server: Apache/1.3.41 (Unix) DAV/1.0.3 PHP/5.2.10 mod_ssl/2.8.31
< X-WebDAV-Status: 200 OK
< ETag: -0

That is a strange looking etag; valid, but suspicious.  I'd suspect the
server doesn't generate etags correctly.

< Transfer-Encoding: chunked
< Content-Type: application/octet-stream
(process:16763): e-cal-backend-caldav-WARNING **: Object to fetch
'http://plecavalier mail plecavalier 
net/insight/rpc.php/plecavalier/20100219T164212Z-16763-1000-15761-2_plc-20100219T164246Z.ics' not of type 

It looks like the server does not return any Content-Type header, which
is not a valid HTTP response.

You should see something like:
< Content-Type: text/calendar

If Lightning/Sunbird works it probably means it doesn't check the
Content-Type header but just assumes the payload is of the expected
type.  Evolution is more strict about such things than most clients.

Here's the output from the Evo console:
plecavalier plc:~$ evolution
(evolution:26785): evolution-shell-WARNING **: The name
org.freedesktop.NetworkManager was not provided by any .service files 
calendar-gui-Message: Check if default client matches
(1266519858 12665 8 plc 1266519858 12665 8 plc)
Sorry, I don't know what you mean by "requires an organizer".

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