[Evolution] Evolution in F13: Message Reply + No Edit = No Discard Confirmation


  God bless whomever fixed the bug where an un-edited message reply
  would prompt you to save/discard work.

  It was introduced sometime during F11.  Not sure what Evolution version.

  Either GPG/SMIME signing was automatically setting $is_edited=1,
  or it was simply defaulting to a prompt.  I cant remember if I tested
  it without GPG.

  Really, it should be a user-adjustable setting, but this is an
  election year, so I'm being realistic.

  User setting:  Prompt to discard message: [Yes, No, If unsaved changes]

  Also, thanks to the Redhat guys that fixed RH Bugzilla Bug 510249.
  Hopefully Seahorse-plugins/Seahorse-Agent will be the defualt
  $GPG_AGENT_INFO at F13 release time.

  F13 is looking really sick!

Again, thank you BIG TIME!


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