Re: [Evolution] Problem merging records in address books

Hi Milan,

On Tue, 2009-09-29 at 11:34 +0200, Milan Crha wrote:
On Mon, 2009-09-28 at 19:07 -0400, Ben Roberts wrote:
- Is this a known problem, and if so, is there a known fix?

- Has it been fixed in the 2.28 release?

- If it has not been fixed, I presume it's worth filing a bug report?


The best if you can attach also some test data for a reproducer, as what
you described sounds like data dependent. Also, if you can attach a
backtrace of the running/frozen evolution/evolution-data-server, then
even better, as there will be shown what the processes are doing (note
the backtrace is unusable without debug info packages installed).

Please do not forget to send here a link to your bug, for a reference.

Ok, I've done all that as you requested. Here's the link to the bug:

Hopefully that'll be enough for a programmer to go on with.
Interestingly enough, I found out that the problem is only one way: if I
merge the record containing no email addresses into the record which
already has some, the crash does not occur. But, while that gives me and
other users a workaround, the situation is clearly not ideal.

Anyway, thanks for the prompt response, and I'll keep an eye on the


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