[Evolution] Problem merging records in address books

Hi list,

I've run into this problem a number of times and I'm wondering if
there's a known fix or work-around for it.

In brief, I'm trying to merge two address books, and for various reasons
some of the contacts clash. Cue the Evolution merge function.

This function works well most of the time. But whenever the two contacts
to be merged have different numbers of email addresses associated with
them (most common scenario: one has no email addresses, the other has
one or more), no sooner do I click the Merge button than the following
things happen:

* The Merge button keeps its "pressed" appearance
* Evolution stops responding to input
* The CPU goes up to 100% and stays there
* Only way out is to "pkill evolution", or an equivalent using the more
conventional "kill" command

This is thoroughly reproducible: it happens every time I try the
operation described. I'm not sure if it happens when merging contacts
within the same address book (if such an operation is even possible).

I'm running Evolution 2.26.1 on Ubuntu Jaunty.

That brings me to the main questions:

- Is this a known problem, and if so, is there a known fix?

- Has it been fixed in the 2.28 release?

- If it has not been fixed, I presume it's worth filing a bug report?

Thanks in advance,


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