Re: [Evolution] Evo 2.26.1 + message from Hotmail with attachments + forwarding, seems to result in lost JPEG attachments


Is this a known bug? I've searched bugzilla, but can't see it, yet it
seems odd, so I'm assuming someone must have seen it before. Details as

I have an HTML email that I have received, with 7 attachments (i.e.
Evolution says "7 attachments" and then has the "Save All" button, and
at the end of the email there are 7 attachment items I can do various
things to). There are also some inline html-img-tag images in the HTML
message (as part of someone's signature), but I don't care about those.

Did you try to forward the message as an attachment? (Message/Forward
as ../Attached). I think I had this problem in the past with messaged
from yahoo and hotmail and this is the way I solved it.



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