[Evolution] Changed move-email behaviour?

On evolution 2.24.5 running on Fedora 10, if I move an email from one
imap account inbox to another imap account inbox, the filters that are
set to "source account" run on the receiving inbox.  That's what I want.
I use the source account filter option to change the colour of the
email, so I get a visual cue in a search folder, to tell me where the
email resides.

But on evolution 2.26.1 running on UNR 9.04, the filter on the receiving
"source account" doesn't seem to run.  All settings are the same on both
machines (I clone them using conduit), and I've checked them through the

Has there been a change in how the move-email command works?  Is it
preventing a 'new' flag from being reset on the move?  Anyone got any
advice on how the "source account" filter option is meant to work?


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