Re: [Evolution] SMTP - How can I tell if a problem is Evo or in the ISP?

Thanks for the reply.
The problem was the router as it happened. The CAMEL_.... environment variable also works (see other reply) to get 'debug' out.

On Thu, 2009-09-10 at 08:18 +0200, Matthias Apitz wrote:
El día Tuesday, September 08, 2009 a las 05:50:26PM +0100, Steve T escribió:

>     Good afternoon.
> I have been using Evo with various EMail accounts. Each account has it's
> own remote pop and smtp server (ie yahoo for personal stuff and my
> business accounts). All of this has been working fine until this
> afternoon. Now, the outbound mail (from one account) seems to sit in the
> outbox (although the sendmail 'display' shows 1 0f 1 messages being sent
> - the progress bar stays at 0) and after a while I get the attached
> message:
> Is this a problem with Evolution or a problem with my smtp provider?
> Evolution 2.8.3 on FC6


Just watch as root with tcpdump the outbound SMTP traffic, like

# tcpdump -Xx -n host XXX and port 25

where XXX is the IP addr of your SMTP server. Concerning -Xx, check the
man page of FC6, I'm using FreeBSD and may be in FC6 the flags to
produce human readable output are different.

May be there is even a debug flag or environment variable to log the
SMTP traffic by Evo itself? But the above will work in any case.



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