Re: [Evolution] SMTP - How can I tell if a problem is Evo or in the ISP?

El día Tuesday, September 08, 2009 a las 05:50:26PM +0100, Steve T escribió:

    Good afternoon.
I have been using Evo with various EMail accounts. Each account has it's
own remote pop and smtp server (ie yahoo for personal stuff and my
business accounts). All of this has been working fine until this
afternoon. Now, the outbound mail (from one account) seems to sit in the
outbox (although the sendmail 'display' shows 1 0f 1 messages being sent
- the progress bar stays at 0) and after a while I get the attached

Is this a problem with Evolution or a problem with my smtp provider?

Evolution 2.8.3 on FC6


Just watch as root with tcpdump the outbound SMTP traffic, like

# tcpdump -Xx -n host XXX and port 25

where XXX is the IP addr of your SMTP server. Concerning -Xx, check the
man page of FC6, I'm using FreeBSD and may be in FC6 the flags to
produce human readable output are different.

May be there is even a debug flag or environment variable to log the
SMTP traffic by Evo itself? But the above will work in any case.


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