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On Thu, 2009-09-10 at 05:53 -0400, Glen Tupling wrote:
I was told this was a list for both Linux AND  windows versions, so I am
hoping I get better hints than this. I have been using evolution for over a year now without a hitch, six months ago it became my sole email client. I
can't access any of my old emails and I need them.

Is this the evolution from <> or
<>? There seem to have been multiple ports over time.

Evolution version 2.26.2-2 running on Vista Ultimate SP 2  Message is
Evolution.exe failed to start, windows will now close the application.  I
get the error below in my event viewer, the bugbuddy will not run.  Just
prior to receiving this error evolution would not show any messages, all
folders were greyed out, I could send & receive messages but not view any.
If you want the log file from the event viewer I can post it.

I haven't had much luck with the Evos-for-Windows - I hope the upcoming
Bonobo, etc... free builds may be more portable.  But I don't know
anything.  It really might be more useful for you to contact the people
who did the port or to post on the Evolution-hackers list as
Evo-on-Win32 isn't really mainstream.  But please let us know how it

> Not really. Unless somebody explicitly promises to offer support for
> Evolution on Windows, you are more or less on your own;) If it doesn't
> work for you, forget it, and stick to some other mail client. As the
> current situation is. nobody is going to bother trying to figure out
> the reason to random crashes. Sending log files like the one you
> included in your mail to this list is pointless.

Sadly, for Windows user's there are few, if any, clients with the
capabilities of Evolution.  Evolution is far more than a mail client -
and other clients [like <shudder>ThunderBird</shudder>] fall very short
in the other functionality [seriously: what crack head developed TB's
address book?  Gag!].

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