Re: [Evolution] evolution fails to start

On Thu, 2009-09-10 at 05:53 -0400, Glen Tupling wrote:
I was told this was a list for both Linux AND  windows versions, so I am 
hoping I get better hints than this.  I have been using evolution for over a 
year now without a hitch, six months ago it became my sole email client.  I 
can't access any of my old emails and I need them.

Is this the evolution from <> or
<>?  There seem to have been multiple 
ports over time.

Evolution version 2.26.2-2 running on Vista Ultimate SP 2  Message is 
Evolution.exe failed to start, windows will now close the application.  I 
get the error below in my event viewer, the bugbuddy will not run.  Just 
prior to receiving this error evolution would not show any messages, all 
folders were greyed out, I could send & receive messages but not view any.
If you want the log file from the event viewer I can post it.

I haven't had much luck with the Evos-for-Windows - I hope the upcoming
Bonobo, etc... free builds may be more portable.  But I don't know
anything.  It really might be more useful for you to contact the people
who did the port or to post on the Evolution-hackers list as
Evo-on-Win32 isn't really mainstream.  But please let us know how it

Not really. Unless somebody explicitly promises to offer support for
Evolution on Windows, you are more or less on your own;) If it doesn't
work for you, forget it, and stick to some other mail client. As the
current situation is. nobody is going to bother trying to figure out
the reason to random crashes. Sending log files like the one you
included in your mail to this list is pointless.

Sadly, for Windows user's there are few, if any, clients with the
capabilities of Evolution.  Evolution is far more than a mail client -
and other clients [like <shudder>ThunderBird</shudder>] fall very short
in the other functionality [seriously: what crack head developed TB's
address book?  Gag!].

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