Re: [Evolution] Hiden emails

On Sun, 2009-09-06 at 21:16 +0100, David Jones wrote:
The version of Evolution I am using is 2.24.3, hence as you correctly 
identified Ubuntu 8.10 with updates.

I think the downgrade of Ubuntu may not be relevant, Evolution did work for 
many days before the present problem showed itself.

Looking at the error report, hence I think the problem is with the 28 values 
Evolution was expecting, but only 26 were supplied.

it's a problem with your folders.db files, which are not in the proper
version. Some tables had been downgraded properly, probably, but not
all. For some reason. I would recommend you to delete all folders.db
files from ~/.evolution directory and its subdirectories, and let
evolution recreate them on he next start. The problem is that some
information will be lost on local folders. Maybe rather move those files
away than delete them, to have them ready to put them back if something
goes wrong. You can move out also files with .ev-summary, .cmeta, .ibex*
extensions, as those will be recreated too.

How much are affected your address books or calendars hard to say.
        Hope that helps,

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